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Individual Membership

As a member of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, you’ll help protect fish and wildlife habitat throughout the state and help ensure that individuals of all ages are able to enjoy hunting, fishing and other traditional outdoor recreational activities now and in the future.

All Members Receive: 

  1. The Federation’s newspaper, Wisconservation, for one year that features updates about our work and articles about habitat and wildlife issues.
  2. E-Newsletter and Emails, providing timely information about legislative and other timely issues and events (you must provide an email to receive this information).

in addition, Members ($100 and above) receive:

  1. An unframed Wisconsin Wildlife Federation Print of the Year.

To join right now, call our toll free number: 1-800-897-4161 or click HERE to join.  

All major credit cards accepted.

Or fill out the Membership Renewal Application and  send with a check or money order  to:

Wisconsin Wildlife Federation

P.O. Box 460

Poynette, WI 53955